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By adhering to our tried and proven process of providing our local Lethbridge, Alberta clientele with world-class electrical services in any capacity(repairs, upgrades, replacements, and installations) at a very reasonable rate, we are widely considered to be the best in the business; for all residential AND small to medium sized commercially-scaled electrical services. To ensure our valued clientele are well-apprised and well-educated regarding the electrical service options we provide a detailed electrical assessment quote that covers pricing, parts and project details, and of course when it is time to execute work on the job we at EES are happy and dedicated to working with the other contractors/trades on site in order to coordinate a schedule to efficiently work together to meet your project deadlines. Moreover, it is with great pride and excitement that we announce our advancements and service capacities into the solar/photovoltaic industry as well - taking care of a variety of all solar system designs, and installations.

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Residential Electrical Services

When it comes to a residential property, house, or dwelling, there are certain minimums that the home must meet in order to be livable; chief among those crucial requirements being a safe, sound, and serviceable electrical system. With that in mind, depending on the size or design of the electrical system as well as what particular materials used in its composition are all issues that are imperative to a system functioning optimally. Typically when one part of the electrical system is compromised, another element or component of the property’s electrical system is soon to follow suit due to compensation issues/burden disbursement.

That’s where our expert electricians at Efficient Electrical Services come in!

Thanks in large part due to the extensive training and continuous efforts towards furthering our knowledge into the growing trends and changing technology this industry brings forward we've expanded our services/capacities to include a very broad spectrum of coverage. These areas of electrical services & coverage typically include, but are not limited to; electrical renovations & remodels, new system services, electrical panel upgrades, as well as knob & tube removal & wiring upgrade services.

Commercial Electrical Services

At Efficient Electrical Services, we understand that sometimes critical decisions are necessary when planning, designing, and installing electrical components; especially when it concerns commercial electrical systems here in Alberta, Canada. As such, we've made it one of our company-wide goals to be well-versed and equally equipped when we are tasked with servicing commercial electrical systems.

How We Can Help At Efficient Electrical Services

Efficient Electrical Services is set up to manage all Commercial Electrical building requirements in Lethbridge, AB and surrounding area. We do range from small commercial new-build projects to minor commercial electrical installations and repairs. We create a commercial electrical system that is energy efficient and safe. As such, we've made it one of our company-wide goals to be well-versed and equally equipped when we are tasked with servicing commercial electrical systems.

Solar System Services

With the ever-growing advancements in not only the electrical industry but also in the solar energy production department as well, If you are looking to upgrade your home or business with solar photovoltaic power in order to offset the increasing costs of supplied electricity or simply seeking to make less of a carbonic impact in our local Lethbridge, Alberta and surrounding communities, it is always advisable to employ an experienced electrical contractor for your installation. At EES our master electrician has completed a full in depth CSA approved solar system design and installation course which has laid a foundation for him to design and install an efficient and safe solar system for your unique to your home or business.

What Solar Options Are Available Through Efficient Electrical Services?

Versatility and a well-rounded repertoire ensure all of the solar/photovoltaic needs of our local Alberta, Canada clients are well-accounted for. With the expertise and overall efficacy that Efficient Electrical Services bring to the local solar and electrical industry, it's easy to see why we are largely considered an "authority" when it pertains to solar system designs, solar system repairs, solar system upgrades, and/or solar system maintenance.

Local Installation Services

With the revolutionary upgrades for commercial and residential electrical systems becoming readily available and increasingly affordable, it’s no wonder why many of our Alberta, Canada clientele are enlisting us to upgrade their electrical systems with new component installations.

Areas Where Your Property Is Covered By Our Installation Services

Here at Efficient Electrical Services, we understand that quality electrical installation services are an integral element in the electrical industry that should be performed directly by a trained, licensed professional. Moreover, with the various components, aspects, elements, and "variables" that are common to most commercial and residential electrical systems, it really pays to enlist a company with a diverse skillset and experience with electrical systems in and out. As such, our electrical services that we provide to local Alberta, Canada properties consist of home addition wiring installations, interior lighting installations, light switch installations, outdoor lighting installations, outlet installations, security lighting installations, subpanel installations, accent lighting installations, back-up generator installations, hot tub installations, A/C units, furnace/heater installs, EV charging station installations, and electrical sign installations. All of our electrical installation services are unique and personalized to you. Is there an electrical installation service you need? Give us a call now!